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Elfsys Grow Cam (Beta)

Elfsys Grow Cam is a low-cost photography and monitoring solution for your garden, allowing you to create timelapse videos of your plants' growing, monitor their health over time, and receive alerts when they need caring. Photo taken by clients of the Elfsys Grow Cam system is uploaded to Elfsys Grow Cloud, where it is stored, analyzed, and processed into timelapse videos and alerts. The resulting timelapse videos and alerts are sent to you on Discord with the Elfsys Discord Bot, which acts as the remote centralized control panel for all your cameras.

Future Changes

Elfsys Grow Cam is in beta testing and is currently only intended to function with hydroponics systems configured in the Elfsys App. Support for non-hydroponics gardens will be added in the future.

Photo analysis and alerts are currently not enabled during this stage of the beta test.

During the beta test, Elfsys Grow Cam is free to use. After the beta test, Elfsys Grow Cam might become a paid or freemium service.

Getting Started

After you have set up your hydroponics systems in the Elfsys App, all you need is an old Android phone or tablet with the Elfsys Grow Cam app installed and a stand/mount to hold it to get started.

  1. Install the Elfsys Grow Cam mobile client app on an old Android phone.
  2. Join our Discord community and type in the command /cam add as a chat message in any channel on our Discord server.
  3. Activate the client app by scanning the QR code provided by the Elfsys Discord Bot.
  4. Configure the client's capturing and camera settings on the old phone. Place your phone on the angle before the grow system it is watching, connect it to a power source, and let it start taking photos.
  5. See resulting photos and timelapse videos, and receive alerts in Discord.

Explore components

In these chapters, you'll find detailed documentation on each component of the Elfsys Grow Cam system.

Still got questions? Join our Discord community or contact us for help.