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Elfsys Grow Cam Control Panel (Beta)

You can manage all your Elfsys Grow Cam with the Elfsys Discord Bot available in our Discord server. This serves as the remote centralized control panel for all your cameras and clients.

Future Changes

You will be able to manage your cameras from the Elfsys App after the beta test.

To use the Elfsys Bot, you need to have a Discord account and join our Discord community. After that, you can type in the following commands on any of the channels in our Discord server to initiate an interaction with the Elfsys Bot:

  • /cam add - Begin the activation of a new Elfsys Grow Cam;
  • /cam ls - List all existing Elfsys Grow Cam.

On your first interaction with the Elfsys Bot, it will guide you to link your Elfsys account to your Discord account. This is a one-time process and you will not need to do it again for future interactions. For now, please contact us to de-link your Elfsys account from your Discord account if you need to.


The user interface of the Elfsys Discord Bot is still developing rapidly, therefore, no detailed documentation is provided at this stage. Please contact us if you need any assistance.