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Elfsys Grow Cloud App

Elfsys Grow Cloud is an affordable, easy-to-use, flexible growing automation platform. With the Elfsys App and regular Wi-Fi power strips, you can smartify your hydroponics growing setup with existing electrical wiring and wireless network.

Getting Started

For existing growers, migrating your traditional hydroponics setup to Elfsys Grow Cloud can be done in five steps:

  1. Get the Elfsys App and create your Elfsys account.
  2. Connect smart power outlets to Elfsys Grow Cloud and plug in your devices (grow lights, water pumps, fans).
  3. Create virtual systems and devices representing your physical setup in the app.
  4. Feed your experience, knowledge and notes into grow templates used to automate the growing process.
  5. Kick off a grow batch, and let Elfsys Grow Cloud handle routine tasks and remind you whenever the plants need your care.

Explore App Features

In these chapters you'll find detailed documentation on the features available in the Elfsys App.

Still got questions? Check out the FAQ section, join our Discord community or contact us for help.